Got a Kinect? Check out Air Guitar Warrior for Kinect to become a hero yourself!

Air Guitar Warrior Gamepad Edition

Air Guitar Warrior is a rhythm shooter for everyone who enjoys a good measure of over-the-top rock attitude in their indie games. The gameplay combines classic side-scrollers with rhythm games. Tap buttons in time to the music to fire your weaponized air guitar and control the custom soundtrack at the same time. Find the legendary sword-guitar and challenge Heavy Metal Zeus in the Temple of the Rock Gods!

  • Rock your way through 50 hand-painted levels, from post-apocalyptic ruins to the pits of pandemonium
  • Destroy flaming skulls, ghost vikings, aliens, demons and more
  • Duel with 13 giant bosses
  • 21 crazy vehicles including dinosaurs, sharks with lasers, tigers and jet-powered crocodiles, featuring different gameplay for flying and ground vehicles
  • 8 guitar weapons, including a customizable sword-guitar
  • 5 unique fire modes per guitar: switch modes tactically to survive

Trailer #2: How to play air guitar - Warrior style!

How to play air guitar - Warrior style! on YouTube


  • Epic custom soundtrack by Mika Tyyskä / Mr. Fastfinger and Samppa Siurala.
  • 19 tracks ranging from classic rock to heavy metal.
  • The guitar responds to your playing: changing the fire mode also changes the lead guitar - every track has 5 layers of guitar!
  • Listen to a preview of the soundtrack:

Air Guitar Warrior - Soundtrack Medley on YouTube


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